Aqueena #3

Aqueena has washed a shore their needless pricks. And she has exposed their actions. But there is more to be done. I will now instruct her to save the blood and eliminate all infections and viruses, bad bacteria, mold, fungus and all fungal infections that invade our privacy and desecrate our anatomy. Think of us as the bearer of all true news, and you can hear from us anytime of day or night. But fake news is not true and do not share in the truth, so don't waste your precious time in it's evaluation. Aqueena and I are one and represent one another. So when I say jump, she knows how high. And when I say land she understands why. For she lives in my imagination and is made aware of some of my greatest thoughts. Queen aqueena doth lusts after my love and is driven wild by the freedom that I allow her to have. She cannot wait to satisfy me and I can't wait to be satisfied. We are now and forever and ever. 

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