Aqueena #1

I have empowered her with the words of my mouth. And with the wisdom of my speech. I send aqueena to all of the sea and oceans. To care for all marine life and to give joy and happiness to all in the sea and on the land. I have created her to be a willing force of goodness and purity. She is a cleaner and a healer of health. But she is also a warrior and Queen of warriors. And her warriors are female young warriors that are attached to both aqueena and myself Lord Be (b). I spoke of her first in my dreams and in my mind. Then I seen her works in this world (earth). So I added what she is already capable of with what I have given and will continue to give her. Her new start has just began and her time is limitless. I will give to her and supply her army with all their needs. A character created for a novel, for a script or film. But she is also a truth and a revealing force. You may have heard of her and have already drank from the fountains of her purification. However you will all now bare witness to the amplification of the works that I bore her. And make her way to be straight, comforting and beautiful. 

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