The tears of your eyes are like a waterfall. Worry not of their presence nor where they are from. The ocean in which they settle is deep and runneth over as my cup. So when you sip from the cup your kiss is felt throughout the pacific and beyond. Many have heard your heartbeat yet have not listened. But your refuge is within you and comes out of your mouth just as the tears of your eyes. And the healing begins!


I have multiplied your day by days. None shall be alone. Your birth is reborn and the rebirth is without end. You are as timeless as my imagination. And my thoughts are great as my dreams + doeth stir my imagination as now will yours be stirred. Happy forever birthdays. Drink up! 

Essential Queens 

Hey my beautiful baby girl. Good days are forever yours. And nights will only brighten your light. Because you're my everything. I invested everything in you and so your inheritance is great. Not to worry for I shall never depart from you. And you need not a certificate to collect what I have already prepared in you and for you always & forever. Insight fear not for it is the beginning of wonderful revelations and the unwrapping of your mighty gifts in which I have decorated. Enjoy, they are all yours, everyone a pair. Just as the hands I dealt you as a little girl from within your deck of cards. And now you're little girl and her gifted hands that you've given her. A match made in heaven without limitations, for their are no limits upon the heavens and our skies do not deny. True peace be upon you and yours forever everyday and always.


We are married and we are again one. This is a new beginning and a new covenant. BeUpOne aQueena is thee continuance of what we've already begun and what we are now beginning, first & last without ending. What is said first is created and is the beginning. And what is said last is created next and is not an ending but a new beginning. At the end of all our sentences and or paragraphs is a period. Clear as crystal, of water and of life. And this cleanliness resides between us forever. Middle names are now blameless and last names are without endings. So what's next is known and what is torn is sown. Greetings new beginnings our beginners are experts. They are paving the roads with savvy and planting our paths with beauty. Healing is a man's best friend. And our women knows best.