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I am a living testimony of myself and music. Listening to my lyrics is to know my ways and understand my trials and tribulations. To pursue my voice is to travel along a GREAT yet narrow path. Do follow with consistency and no child of GOD will be left behind. Remember that the lord has always given us a chosen voice. I am the voice of choice, the reason and the director of music. So now I shake the world of RADIO with a shock wave to last always and forever. The director of the WORD is also the director of music. And so I send my music in the way that the lord has sent me. GOD is the glory and the music shall glorify the FATHER, the SON and my Holy Spirit.

Soul Train Awards 2018 

Good Job Hostesses Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold. "Super Dope" definitely took me back. I live in the past, present and future. But when we go back it always take my breath away and provide new breaths of life. I love beautiful memories. And the performances were all RAW (DOPE). Jon B does it again. So chill and smooth as always. Donell Jones also killed it in a good way. Hey Old school don't you ever stop recording. How beautiful you all are there is so much more good tidings and blessings coming your ways. Get yourselves ready I'm coming under arm (episode of Martin). I can't wait to see the Soul Train series (American Soul). Because I love that Old School shizzle. I got to get my money right. It's time for me to start going to concerts again. I remember when I had my bread (money) right. I spent everyday and every dime at Old School concerts. R&B, Jazz, Soul, New Jack, Rap & Hip Hop, Rock & Roll and a bunch of other good music. Dope (good) music rules forever. I remember going to an event after the New Edition movie aired on BET. And the DJ was doing his thang in the booth. It was a few people dancing on the dance floor but not many. This was a kid friendly event with all ages and people representing. All of a sudden the DJ played New Edition and the whole dance floor was filled with 5-12 year olds. Not to mention a bunch of other teenagers. I fell out (laughing). It wasn't room for us old folks to dance. The place was immediately packed and cracking. The power of good music, good times & BET is a Mother (watch YO mouth). I'm just talking bout cable, satellite, the internet & radio. And Bobby Brown you was always my homeboy along with all of New Edition. But I have to give you some extras for that Janet Jackson (Ms Jackson if you nasty) revelation. Until next time keep on keeping on. Love peace & Soul...(food)! aka Babface, After 7, KC & JOJO and Jodeci.

About the music blog #10 

I just watched unsung on tvOne, about Jon B. Beautiful thing. I always loved Jon B, but I really love him even more now. Blessings and good luck forever Jon B. Yep yep

About The Music Blog 9 

Alright, the 2016 soul train awards was great. Love the honorary's Brandy and Teddy Riley. I really loved all the performances. Especially Teddy Riley and Brandi performances. And Erykah Badu Is off the hinges. I really love soul music, R&B, hip hop and rap. I love old school and some of the new stuff. But music to me has to come with real content. It's like that and that's the way it is. Yep yep forever. P.S. I can't wait to see the new edition movie. New edition, Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, BBD, Johnny Gill is part of the soundtrack of my life. Let's get it yaw!

About The Music Blog 8 

Watching Mo'Nique interview on TV One. I must say that I can tell what has happened to her career in the last 7 years or so. There have been mistakes made on all sides. But Mo'Nique does not deserve what she is being put through. I do recognize her mistakes, but I see more of the rage that rages against her from others. However her quest to do independent films and HBO films etc... is definitely the right road and path. Being on TV One especially with Roland Martin is a Great start. I Love that brother and what he stands for. Watch and see Mo'Nique career kick into high gear from here on. I Love Mo'Nique and most of what she has done. More importantly I support her in all that she does from now on. I know she won't be side tracked or stricken anymore. Because with real Love and Support Insight will be her guide. And she will be precious this time around and forever. Like music to my ears. ATM Blog

Added: Mar 29 2015 8:22pm

About The Music Blog 7 

I wanted to wait a little while after the Grammys to make comments. I wanted to see what other outlets would speak on. So this is a report of reports of the grammys. And a report of the grammys. First of all this was the darkest grammy celebration I've ever seen. Never seen that many visual horns on television before. But I am glad that everybody got a chance to be themselves. I do think the arrangers did a good job overall. And the entertainers were overall good performances. Some did stand out more than others. Annie Lennox did very well. Madonna was tight(good). She is definitely one of the finest 56 years old women I know. LL did a very good job as host. The Grammys has got to get a little more hip hop in its veins. LL cool J is the host for God sake. Eminem won the best rap album of the year, but I did't know that till afterwards. Come on grammys, you got to get that right. More Hip Hop please. Alright Pharrell, Your performance was good. Mixed with both Light and darkness. But still DOPE(good). And yes I heard your prayer. You are officially straight(good). Ed sheeran was brilliant. I really loved his performances. Kanye West was wrong for doing that to Beck. Beck is a wonderful artist, producer etc... and is indeed well deserving of his award. However Kanye once again made it good for ratings and the promotion of his next album. Which I think that is what he really wanted to do. I really feel this was one of the best grammy award shows ever. All the artist and performances were good(dope). And I personally give it up to all that played a role, Including all audiences, the yay sayers and the nay sayers. But in the mist of darkness, light must be present. for without light, covered eyes cannot see. But when light is there even the darkness can see the pathway and does come. There were sprinkles of light in the building that night. But none as bright as the One that came out of the darkness. Beyoncé I heard your prayer and I have seen and spoken to your soul. We all have some darkness in our lives and throughout our souls. But that night you brought the light on stage and it covered you. And though you will continue to perform and wear what you surely please. It is all warranted because that night you chose the light and so now on will the light choose you, even in darkness. So the Earth Angel award also goes to you Beyonce without any hang ups or interruptions. Amen ATM blog Yep yep 

Added: Feb 18 2015 12:48pm

About The Music Blog 6 

Started yesterday by bumping some Old School Hip Hop. I had KRS-One bumping on Youtube. We bumped KRS and MC Shan back in the day. And of course we had that King Tee, Toddy Tee, The Fat Boys, Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, Eric B and Rakim, NWA, ICE CUBE man I will be here all day naming artist Yaw already know what it is. I love those days, matter of fact I still bump Old School artist Rap/Hip Hop, R&B, Rockn Roll and a whole bunch of other stuff. And I buy and bump their NEW MUSIC too. I LOVE listening to Tony Bennet and some old standards. I would love to check out Tony Bennet and Lady Ga Ga new album. I will eventually get that album. And from what I have already heard it sounds DOPE. I like a lot of different music. Good music runs through my veins. I remember One time I had a woman over my house to kick it and listen to some music. She was like bump some oldies. I started bumping some real old music I just bought from Time life. I think I scared her off. She was like, you went to far back. I'm like it ain't never too far back. The older the music the more I tend to like and continue to explore. But that was definitely a FUNNY experience. Yep yep, it is what it is. PS if I spelled any artist name wrong, yaw know what it is, so don't trip. Peace, In and Out ATM blog

Added: Dec 14 2014 1:26pm

About The Music Blog 5 

I been listening to a lot of DOPE artist on my Reverbnation fan page. And I mean all kind of different artist and music. I have personally seen the industry as a whole change for the better. Because most of the artist I've listened to on Reverbnation are Independent artist. And most of their music has a very 
BIG studio sound, not to mention overall good writing/lyrics/music. I remember when it was almost 
impossible to get a good sounding recording and mix. It would cost so much money to release a recording back in the day. A group, band or artist would spend at least $10,000 to $15,000 just to record, master and manufacture an EP or Album. A single would cost less but not that much cheaper (half). Distribution was another problem. There was no internet, iTunes, Amazon etc... You had to literally distribute your music yourself to stores that would even bother excepting it on consignment. Thank GOD for technology. Peace
ATM blog

Added: Nov 12 2014 1:15pm

About The Music Blog 4 

I love that Old School music. I love some New School stuff too. But you know how it is. When you grow up listening to certain music it becomes a part of your DNA. It's memorable and makes me sit and appreciate the process of experiencing both Ups and downs. But not to repeat the past, but to bring forth the future and make it more prominent then the past. Yep yep atm blog

Added: Nov 3 2014 3:19pm

About The Music Blog 3 

Check out Unsung on TV One this saturday for the Unsung marathon. All day saturday you can see old school R&B, Hip Hop interviews with star line ups. Gives us a better look inside of some of our favorite groups and what really happened behind the scenes. I will definitely be checking it out of course watching college football as well. Yep yep 

Added: Oct 24 2014 5:11pm

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