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Thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate your presence and look forward to seeing you again. My work is truly a gift and also a phenomenon in many ways. I've seen over the years that the best way to make a living for myself is to do what I love. I created this website as a vessel to help myself and others. Enjoy

BeUpOne (Bio)

I started my music (Rap/Hip Hop) career in 1990. I originated a Rap Group called First Amendment, Straight Out of Inglewood CA. In 1993 I started my solo career. And I have been at it since. I am more known on the Underground market. However I have worked with ton's of mainstream artist also. In 2002 I created and launched BeUpOne Entertainment in association with other companies specializing in business, sales, marketing, distribution, film, Music, writing, poetry, artist management and many other forms of entertainment and business. My plan is to take myself to higher heights by helping others get to higher ground. And on this MOUNTAIN we will overcome our errors and allow ourselves to become TRUE overseers of the EARTH. I am a man of many thoughts so take your time and check out the website. I will also be adding new pages that will range in different topics and subjects. Just keep checking for me time to time. When I start creating I usually create an overload of good tidings. To balance all of the BS. Yep Yep with LOVE.




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